Ugana Mahadev

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Bhavani is situated in the village, 3 kms from Pandaul railway station. It is said that Lord Shiva became so influenced by the devotion of Vidyapati that he used to live with Vidyapati as a servant. According to the story of Lokmanas, Lord Shiva turned his disguise into a foolish bast and came to the Vidyapati and began to serve. While working here, he became a professor of Vidyapati. Vidyapati went wherever they went and took the gourd with them. Grow too yes with them. It’s a matter of time. Vidyapati had to go to Raj Darwari. They grow up with germination. It was Jeth month. Sun God was at its peak. There were no tree plants on the way, in which, they rested a bit. At the same time, Vidyapati was thirsty. They grow up to grow – Growing me is thirsty with many couples, I will not be able to walk a little longer even after thirst, bring me water from somewhere. Extracting the lotus from your bag, they increased it to grow. Growing up far away, ran away and did not see the well, the lake or the river.

Growing up behind a bush, taking a lump of ganga from his jata and giving it to the Vidyapati, said that there was no water anywhere near. I have brought it from far away. Vidyapati was disturbed by thirst. They drank all the water in one breath. After drinking water, he would say that the taste of water does not happen, it is not water, the water is water, the Ganges only happens to Shiva. Growing out of this, it became stolen. In the end, Agna showed Vidyapati the appearance of Shiva and said that keeping this thing secret. Vidyapati’s wife Shushila Uggana bid to do any work Growing was delayed to work, which caused Sushila to start growing up with the broom. The greens were eating the broom, that the Vidyapati’s eyes fell on him, and his wife started scolding Sushila, but Sushila continued to kill Gauru, and after coming to Bhushan, Vidyapati said to Sushila that you do not understand women, whom you It is not a simple person, it is Lord Shiva. After hearing this, they got involved in growing. It is said that in the place where the rise was shown by Shiva, the huge temple of Mahadev is situated today.

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How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport is located at 21.5 kilometers away from the District city of Darbhanga. National and limited international flights are available from the Darbhanga Airport (IATA Code-DBR). & Second airport is located at 199 kilometers away from the capital city of Patna. National and limited international flights are available from the Loknayak Jaiprakash Airfield Patna (IATA Code-PAT).

By Train

Near by railway Stations are Pandaul

By Road

It is in 12.5 Km distance to Madhubani City.